School Dining

Our catering is provided by Sodexo

School meals have come a long way in recent years. Parents want to know their children are being offered healthy, nutritious and responsibly-sourced meals that will fuel their school day. Young people want variety and to try foods from different countries and cultures. 

Our school catering teams will work in partnership with you and your pupils to understand what you want from your school meals, and develop menus that spark a foodie interest in young minds.

Sodexo works with Multi Academy Trusts, School Business Managers, Finance Directors and Operations Managers to ensure that expectations are exceeded at all of our school locations.

Parents and pupils lead busy lives. As the demand for user-friendly online services rises, Sodexo has worked alongside Alliance in Partnership group to develop and launch School Food United (SFU).

This menu pre-order and payment platform offers convenient meal ordering and payment service to busy families on the go. It ensures our pupils get to eat their choice of lunch every single day. For schools, it reduces admin, improves kitchen efficiency, cuts the need for cash on site, reduces food waste and supports social distancing measures.Sodexo | Parent Portal ( School Dining


Concerns around food allergies have gained momentum over the last few years, sparking growing calls for awareness and safety.

Since 1 October 2021, food service operators, like Sodexo, must follow new mandatory UK legislation that has changed how Prepacked for Direct Sale items are labelled – this legislation is known as Natasha’s Law.

For more information on Sodexo’s approach to allergens please follow the link – Our health and safety culture (

For information on how the Trust and your child’s school manage allergens or medical dietary requirement, please see our ‘Supporting pupils with medical conditions policy’ in the downloads section below.

Pupil Entitlement To Free School Meals

The universal Infant Free School Meals scheme means all children attending Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal every day.

If you are a parent, foster parent, network family carer of guardian of children at school, and you are on a low income, your child may be entitled to free school meals – no matter what year they are in, which could save you £420 per year per child – it’s easy to check entitlement by going to your local authority website or reaching out to us directly.