Courage, Humility, Dignity, Compassion, Hope, Service

Our Mission Statement

Learning for Life, Anchored in Christ

Our Mission is to deliver high quality teaching that supports children in the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow them to contribute to a better for themselves, their community and their world.

To deliver an exciting broad and balanced curriculum, tailored to the needs of every child in school which not only aids every child in the discovery and development of their own personal skills, talents and interests, but encourages
them to grow and develop their self-esteem and resilience in the face of challenge.

To provide opportunities and experiences in order to excite, engage and inspire. We have a commitment to ensure that there is value on life-long learning instilled in all our pupils which in turn will instil a sense of happiness, security and belonging to all who come here.

To be a centre for excellent teachers, where members of staff are committed to their own learning journey and the sharing of quality practice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire happy, courageous, independent, curious and creative, life-long learners. We aim for all to achieve their full potential, striving both academically and socially with humility and dignity.

We believe being anchored in Jesus Christ will guide us all with hope, compassion and wisdom in becoming successful members of a global community.

Our Aims

St. Clement’s CE Academy aims to provide children with the opportunities needed to flourish towards their full potential; academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually:

  • Providing the highest standard of inclusive education to enable children to
    acquire the skills, knowledge and concepts relevant to their future.
  • Know each pupil as an individual and identify, develop and support their talents
    and strengths
  • Create a community based on Christian values, whilst encouraging sensitivity to
    the beliefs and convictions of others.
  • Promoting an ethos of care, mutual respect and support, where effort is valued
    and all successes are celebrated and pupils feel valued with the well-being of
    each and every individual a priority.
  • Promoting lifelong skills; perseverance, resilience, collaboration and
  • Enabling children to become active, responsible and caring members of the
    school and wider community.
    Create valuable partnerships with families, local and wider communities, promoting the
    idea of lifelong learning for all members of the School community: children,
    parents/carers, staff and Governors.